Grants Management

The grant management process can be difficult to understand and manage. At Canopy, we can guide you through the full grant process, from development and application, through management and closeout. We specialize in helping you revise and improve existing grants systems procedures and projects, and each engagement is tailored to your specific grants management needs.

What we do

Canopy brings extensive, hands-on and leadership experience in grants management at both the state and local levels of government that will benefit your organization. Our team has provided management, oversight, and operational performance on state and federal grant programs totaling billions of dollars.

Additionally, our team’s philosophy is to approach grants from a strategic, organizational perspective which further sets us apart and allows us to provide unique value to our clients. We seek to assist our clients by developing strategies plan to identify your goals and help guide the identification of grants that best align with those goals and projects to ensure grants are leveraged in a manner that will maximize the value and benefits received by your organization.

Our team has performed grant management work for all phases of the grant life-cycle, from application to closeout, and every step in between. We are ready to support your organization’s grant management needs. Some of our successful projects:

  • FDEM – FEMA Public Assistance Program – Hurricane Irma

  • FDEM – FEMA Public Assistance Program – Hurricane Michael

  • FDEM – FEMA Public Assistance Program – Hurricane Ian

Grant Programs

Federal Grants/Programs

  • FEMA – Public Assistance Grants                      

  • FEMA – Hazard Mitigation

  • HUD – Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery Program

  • HUD – CDBG Mitigation                                      

  • US Treasury – Homeowner Assistance Program

  • HHS – Community Services Block Grant Program

  • SBA – State Small Business Credit Initiative

  • DOL – Reemployment Assistance Program

  • DOL – Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act/Wagner-Peyser Act

State Grants/Programs

  • First Responders Program                                 

  • Florida Job Growth Grant Fund Program

  • Florida Emergency Bridge Loan Program        

  • Florida Legislature Grant Initiatives

Success Stories