Finance and Reporting

In today’s modern world, systems and processes are designed to track and store financial and operational data critical to organizations and their stakeholders. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to understand how to maximize the impacts of reporting that data. At Canopy, we focus on helping your organization accurately track and effectively report on your data to save you time and energy while maximizing value for your stakeholders and clients.

Canopy has the capabilities and experience to provide financial management support services in a variety of areas that will support your organization’s needs. Our professional team has served in various management, supervisory, and operational roles for multiple state and local government agencies, gaining experience at every operational level. This experience allows Canopy to provide expert consulting and support services in all areas of financial operations, including:

  • Accounting Office Operations Support

  • Budgeting and Cost Allocation

  • Quarterly/Annual Federal and State Financial Reporting

  • Management and Operational Reporting

  • Financial Systems

  • Travel Management

  • Contracts and Grants Management

  • Procurement

  • Banking Operations

  • Internal Control/Financial Monitoring

  • Audit Support/ Response

Success Stories