The mission of Canopy Management Consulting Group is to help clients succeed in overcoming the challenges they face.

We believe that every client deserves a customized, unique approach and that every problem should be solved using a multi-faceted approach that ensures long-term success. The services we offer are designed to leverage our expertise and knowledge areas to provide the greatest positive impact possible for our clients. We only focus on what we excel at, so our clients can have peace of mind knowing that they are receiving the highest quality consulting services from Canopy.

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Information Technology Consulting

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so having the right advisors is critical in your efforts to keep up with change. We help you identify and solve your problems, not just from a systems perspective, but from a comprehensive perspective that includes your customers, your stakeholders, and your internal system users. We strive to find innovative, transformative solutions while focusing on practical, achievable implementation.

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Grants Management

The grant management process can be difficult to understand and manage. At Canopy, we can guide you through the full grant process, from development and application, through management and closeout. We specialize in helping you revise and improve existing grants systems procedures and projects, and each engagement is tailored to your specific grants management needs.

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Finance and Reporting

In today’s modern world, systems and processes are designed to track and store financial and operational data critical to organizations and their stakeholders. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to understand how to maximize the impacts of reporting that data. At Canopy, we focus on helping your organization accurately track and effectively report on your data to save you time and energy while maximizing value for your stakeholders and clients.

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Organizational Change Management

Change is inevitable for all organizations, but it doesn't have to result in employee resistance and lost productivity. Organizational change impacts people, processes, culture, systems, products, and services, so it is crucial to understand how each change influences how you work. We can help you accelerate sustainable change in your organization.

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